About the fund

CryptoCash Trading is a crypto asset investment fund founded in 2019 in San José, Costa Rica. We allow individual investors to invest in a decentralized economy. The mission of CryptoCash Trading is to change the attitude of people towards investing in blockchain projects.


We provide a wide range of services, from seminars and training events to financial consulting.
Our fund partners with various companies to support entrepreneurs, enterprises, and investors around the world in achieving their business goals.
We offer the use of the CryptoCash Trading office for a reasonable fee as a platform to grow your business: a permanent workplace, conference rooms, and meeting rooms.
CryptoCash Trading regularly hosts courses, workshops, and other certified educational events to help you improve your skills and share knowledge.
We offer hands-on support to anyone interested in investing in CryptoCash Trading. Our fund guides and advises companies and private investors throughout the entire investment cycle.
There are several ways that CryptoCash Trading supports affiliates. For example, advertisements on our website, newsletters on behalf of the fund, or mentions on our social media.

Invest with us

When you invest in CryptoCash Trading, you don't need to think about the rules of exchanges, rates, entry points, and other factors—we will do it for you!