How we work

Cryptocurrency funds are similar to standard funds that trade exchanges, but in this case, they work with digital money. This means that the profit depends on the growth of cryptocurrency quotes: as soon as the purchased assets have risen enough in price, our traders sell them, and investors get their share of the profit.
Since cryptocurrencies, like all assets, can grow but also fall in price, when you invest in our fund, all key risks are negotiated in advance. The investor can feel more secure about his funds than if he bought digital money on his own. CryptoCash Trading has a specific risk management policy, which spells out the levels of risk capital and the balance level that will be returned to the investor.
How we work
CryptoCash Trading's portfolio consists of BTC, ETH, and other digital currencies generated by various systems. All processes within the fund are carried out using the Ethereum smart contract. CryptoCash Trading members receive a stake in a balanced portfolio of crypto assets. There is no minimum investment amount and no minimum term for participation—investors can enter with any amount and leave at any time.

Invest with us

When you invest in CryptoCash Trading, you don't need to think about the rules of exchanges, rates, entry points, and other factors—we will do it for you!